5 reasons why second hand is better than fast fashion

Shopping in a large department store is convenient: you have a lot of choices, each item comes in different sizes, and the products are always in pristine condition. You can find out why you should still shop second hand here:

1. Each piece is unique

Anyone who has ever bought second-hand clothes knows that each piece is only available once. There are no bars on which the same shirt is hung 10 times. Every outfit is unique.

And when you have found your clothes, you are the sole owner of this piece, no one in your circle of friends will have the same piece.

This is how you can express yourself in your unique style and look like the person you want to be.

2. With the vintage style you are right on trend

In recent years, the demand for vintage fashion has increased enormously. And according to forecasts, this will continue to rise. But why?

Vintage is not fixed and has no prescribed rules. Whether narrow or wide, long or short is up to you. With vintage we can bring out the personal diversity within us that has been held back for decades under the fashion guidelines set by big labels.

3. Vintage fashion has better quality

Second hand clothes are from another time.

Before the big boom in fast fashion, clothes were still made to last as long as possible. With today's throwaway culture, very low prices are usually expected, which means that the quality of the products suffers.

This is not the case with old vintage clothes.

Clothes that are suitable for second-hand sales are made of high-quality fabrics that are designed to be worn for a long time.

4. With second-hand clothing you live more sustainably

Climate change is a pervasive problem that is getting worse every year: the environment is being polluted, resources are being used and the air is becoming polluted.

To counteract this, measures are being planned from above, but they are taking effect much too slowly. Turning things around requires the initiative of each individual to want to lead a more sustainable life. If everyone pays attention to the careful consumption of resources and gradually makes areas of our own lives more sustainable, such as nutrition or clothing, then we as humanity have the chance to leave a world worth living in for generations to come.

5. You support small, local businesses

To get your hands on vintage clothes, you can either shop comfortably from home in an online store or in the nearest second-hand shop.

These are mostly small shops, which not only provide jobs but also make a strong contribution to the cityscape.

Especially in these difficult times, it is not easy for many small companies, which is why support is more important than ever at the moment.

By choosing local businesses over large corporations when shopping, you can help ensure that cities retain their variety of stores.

With Heartlight Vintage as a vintage fashion start-up from Mannheim, we are still at the very beginning and are happy about everyone who wants to support us.

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